North East Truckers

by graeme

  • Posted on May 11, 2015


North East Truckers started off as a Facebook page founded by Guy Humberstone.  Guy created this page with only 6 members.  There are over 4000 members now, all providing updates, advice notes and help topics around safe trucking and government legislation.

It was also agreed that regular events held by the NET group would also raise funds for other local charities and community projects in the future.

Guy Humberstone “It’s our way of giving something back to the people of the North East.  All the money raised is used to support our chosen causes”.

Chris Murray “We are a network of drivers with a lot of time on our hands to think of ways we can help others in need.  The North East Truckers have come up with a lot of ideas on how to raise money to support charities and those we love who need extra support.  It is also good motivation for us to get together and share our experiences, ideas and inspirations on how to help those in need”

You can contact us by email at: